Nebuchadnezzar II barrel cylinder - 600 BC

Career at the Bottom of the Database Barrel

I've been working with SQL Server since before it was a Microsoft product. I don't know the origins of the first barrel icon for data, but the oldest references I can find are Babylonian. Often the exploits of a Babylonianking  would be pressed into a cylinder to preserve and replicate the  data from his reign.  Replicating data has come a long way since rolling dry clay cylinders across wet clay. My first barrels were flat file variations and then Sybase rather than clay, but I have witnessed a great deal of database history.


Deep & Wide

The further I go in SQL Server, the deeper the hole gets. The more you learn, the more there is to learn.  The ability to collect greater volumes of data and transform it into knowledge keeps expanding. It's basically applied mathematics and it is at the core of most businesses. 

Through my extensive work with SQL Server I have seen the inner workings of many Fortune 500 companies, many government entities, and seen the world. I've seen the world not just through consulting and teaching, I've seen it through the lens a storage engine provides.

There are ways to know new things if you take the time and apply the right skills and tools.